Locally Farmed Organic Veggie Boxes

Birdland Organic Produce is dedicated to providing the local Bellarine community with convenient, affordable and fresh vegetable produce. We’re offering a Veggie Box subscription service, so each week you’ll receive a box filled with certified organic produce of your choice grown right here on our farm in Drysdale, Victoria.

How does it work?

Choose between either a weekly or fortnightly ‘Veggie Box subscription’, or a ‘Once off Veggie Box’. Our once off boxes are for people who aren’t sure whether they are ready for a subscription and are wanting to give our Veggie Boxes a try. Our subscription Veggie Boxes are now fully customisable! Those trying a once off box will receive a box full of seasonal produce.

What veggies do I get?

We are now offering Veggie box customisation. Subscribers receive a text of what veggies are available from the farm each week and can choose 8/9 different things to harvested and packed into their box.

How much does it cost?

Once off boxes are $50, subscription boxes at $40 each with a $7.50 delivery cost for boxes outside the Bellarine Peninsula (charged monthly)-payments made through our secure direct debit system. Cancel anytime with 2 weeks notice.

How do I get my box?

Pick your Veggie Box up from the Farm where they grow in Drysdale, Bliss + Co in Ocean Grove, Queenscliff Wholefoods, Valeries Pantry in Geelong or GROW in Anglesea. If you require delivery elsewhere, please get in touch.

Choose your subscription below:

Your pickup point can be chosen after the sign up process.


Where is the farm located?
We are located at 15 Basin Road Drysdale, 3222. You’ll see a Birdland Organic Produce Sign on our gate. If you’re coming to pick up your order, just follow the driveway down staying to your left. You’ll see our packing station and cool room just behind the sheds and our veggie paddock on the left.
Do you have any other pickup points?
Yes! You can also pickup your boxes on Wednesday from Queenscliff Wholefoods, Bliss & Co in Ocean Grove and Valeries Pantry in Geelong as well as Fridays at GROW in Anglesea. 
How will I know what vegetables I’ll receive in the box each week?
What we will be harvesting each month will depend on the season and availability. We have regular updates of the Farm, what we are growing and harvesting on our Instagram page. We list the specific vegetables we are harvesting for the boxes each week there too!
Can I customise my veggie box? 
Yes! We are now offering Veggie Box customisation. Subscribers will receive a text message each week with what is available at the farm and will be able to respond with what they would like in their box. For those adventurous subscribers who love suprises or those who are unable to write back in time, there will be a Veggie Box of fresh seasonal produce.
How often do you debit if I subscribe?
Our debit days occur every 4 weeks, usually within 3 days of sign up with payments coming out for the month ahead
What if I’m going away, can I put my Veggie Box on hold?
Yes we do allow suspensions of Veggie Boxes for up to two weeks, just get in contact with us we’ll put your direct debits on hold.
Am I locked in? What if I want to cancel?
No you’re not locked in, and if you want to cancel we just ask for a months notice. 
What days can I pickup my veggie box/what day will it be delivered?
Veggie Boxes can be picked up on Wednesday between 9am and 5pm. Boxes will also be delivered Wednesday and Friday, and you’ll receive a text when your box has been delivered. 
When do I have to order by?
Order cut offs are Sunday evening for Wednesday pickup/delivery for both once off and subscription boxes.
How do I know a Veggie Box is right for me?
It might not be! Our Veggie Boxes are a good fit for those who want to eat well and make fresh, organic vegetables a regular part of their meals. Our customers should value being connected to a local farm and supporting farmers and small business. We are dedicated to providing you with easy recipes and cooking tips, so you don’t need to be a big veggie eater. Instead just be open to trying new foods and cooking with a variety of veggies, and you’ll get the most out of your Veggie Box. 

What if I have more questions?

Use the form below to send us your enquiry. Alternatively you can email us as birdlandorganicproduce@outlook.com or DM us on Instagram

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