Growing vegetables South of Australia


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This is a highly recommended book by gardening guru Steve Solomon. Steve Solomon is an authority on high quality nutrient dense vege production. He has authored eight previous gardening books and this informative publication has become Tasmania’s best selling fruit and vegetable growing book. Although written for Tasmanian gardeners this book is a wealth of information and instruction for anyone gardening in a cool to moderate climate.

Information from the back cover:

Growing Vegetables South of Australia helps gardeners produce a year-round abundance of fresh vegetables.

  • Provides a Tasmanian planting calendar (easily adjusted for other zones)
  • Explains how to make and use Complete Organic Fertilizer(COF). A regionally appropriate version of COF plus ordinary compost provides everything a food garden needs; COF greatly reduces insect and disease problems. Every ingredient in COF is approved for use in certified organic production.
  • The best varieties for cool climate and where to buy high quality seeds.
  • Winter gardening – year round fresh vegetables without a greenhouse.
  • Covers the basics – soil building, irrigation, garden planning, at-home seed production and achieving longer seed storage life.
  • Raising veges when water is scarce; the art of dry gardening.

Steve maintains his health on nutrient-dense vegetables. He concentrates on producing fresh vegetables during the winter instead of preserving what grew in summer. He writes and self-publishes this book in hopes of helping others achieve great health and economic security.

Growing vegetables South of Australia
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