Complete Organic Fertilizer (COF)




This Complete Organic Fertilizer is certified organic. When used in addition to quality compost you can grow nutrient dense vegetables of the highest quality. We offer this product primarily because some of the ingredients are not easily or economically sourced by the home gardener.

Each 10kg bag is adequate to spread over 20sqm. of garden. This COF comes sealed in a durable and reusable woven bag, and includes a label with detailed application rates and instructions . As a guide 2 applications of COF per year will allow ongoing quality vegetable production. It is recommended that you get your soil tested periodically (every 2 years or so) to verify that there are no outstanding anomalies that would require a custom COF mix.

Each order will cover 20sqm. of garden. this product is certified organic and contains no animal products (vegan).

Please note that we have added $30 to the price of this product to cover the postage with Australia Post. Locals can however arrange to buy this product direct from the farm in Drysdale or other organized drop off points for $30.


Complete Organic Fertilizer (COF)
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