Fresh peas are one of the true delights in the spring garden. Peas are relatively easy crops to grow successfully providing you choose suitable varieties, plant at the right time and have an abundant supply of quality seed. Sowing can commence as soon as soil warms up in early spring. Additionally, our climate is mild enough to allow overwintering of climbing varieties. A May sowing should allow the first harvest by late September or early October. Most varieties will be adversely effected by powdery mildew if sown later than November. However, one special type of snow pea can be sown and grown right through summer. Oregon Giant Sugar Pod is one such variety.
Culture: Sow seed direct to a furrow made with the edge of a hoe or other suitable tool. Seed can be sown quite thick (eg. 2 seeds per cm) and thinning is not required. Climbing varieties will benefit from a suitable trellis or regular applications of string tightly strung between posts up to 3 metres apart. Builders’ string line works very well tied higher every 2 weeks to contain the crop as it grows. The harvest is generally abundant and lasts several weeks. Regular picking is necessary.

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