Kale has become very popular due to the health benefits of growing and eating this nutritional powerhouse. It is also relatively easy to grow and plants can be harvested continually week after week. Kale can be grown all year in our mild climate although the best kale is harvested from late autumn to early spring due to it’s preference of cool conditions.
Culture: Kale can be sown direct to the garden or transplanted 3 to 5 weeks after sowing in pots, plugs or soil blocks. Either way the seed should be kept moist for optimum results. Final spacing in the garden could be as close as 30cm but plants will grow better at a minimum of 50cm apart. Kale is the easiest of brassicas to grow but will still benefit greatly by a well balanced soil with additional compost. If growing kale over summer you may choose to cover the crop with bird netting or similar to minimize the exposure to cabbage butterfly.

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