We are ACO Certified Organic.  

All seed produced at Birdland is grown organically – non gm, no herbicides, no pesticides. Birdland Seed is currently grown on 2 certified organic farms:

The family farm is located near Emerald, Victoria. Soils are high quality and seed yields and quality are excellent. The farm has been certified organic continually for over 30 years. 

An additional seed production area is the Dingle family farm located in Drysdale, Victoria. This farm is also certified organic under ACO certification. In 2021 we set up a thriving organic market garden here that shares the growing area. This allows our seed to be tested in the field to ensure high quality commercial standard results are achieved. 

We occasionally source some seed from a select group of organic growers. Any seed that we accept from other growers must be certified organic or we don’t buy it. We are dedicated to providing high quality organic seed that promotes sustainable, chemical free farming.