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About Us

Birdland Seeds operates from a 5 acre property in Wallington, Victoria, Australia. The site was initially developed as a permaculture demonstrataion site. It continues to develop as an organic, permaculture inspired site with the main crop being seed production.

At Birdland Seeds we are dedicated to supplying gardeners with high quality, locally suited and adapted seed. We aim to grow as much seed on site as conditions will allow. Each year we increase the available garden space and grow greater quantities and varieties of seed. All seed grown on site is organic, non-hybrid, non gm, pesticide and herbicide free. Although it is still early days the biggest challenge has been to grow enough seed to meet demand! We do source some seed from other growers, and only accept seed from certified organic farms. Every attempt is made to choose well suited varieties for our climate.

We are living in uncertain times, with a multitude of problems such as global warming, population overload, food and water shortages, and potential climate collapse threatening our very survival. The seeds we grow for primarily the local community are our way of contributing to sustainable local community resilience.